“White belt doesn’t mean that you are at the bottom. You have made the step that hundreds of thousands only dream about. You, unlike those who only talk about it have conquered the first step to achieving your black belt…. Always remember that a frog too, was once just a tadpole.

Eternal Grand Master

H.U. Lee

1350 S. Clearview Ave.

Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85209



Power Black Belt Academy


Taekwondo -  The Way of the Hand and Foot

Young Children - Tiny Tigers       4-6 yrs.

The Tiny Tiger program is specifically designed for children between 4 and 6 years of age.  We understand that children of this age group learn best by playing games.  Their comparatively short attention span requires a wide variety of fun activities and an enthusiastic instructor.  The games, activities, and class discussions are designed to develop coordination, self-control, and social skills.

The motto of the Tiny Tiger program is that every kid is special and every kid is a winner.  This motto, combined with our rule of giving sincere and realistic praise, builds confident students.

Taekwondo is a fun and exciting way for children to learn discipline, integrity, and respect.  Children of all types – extroverted or introverted, athletic or uncoordinated, focused or distractible, tranquil or hyperactive – can enjoy and benefit from Taekwondo.

Our curriculum includes: Songahm Taekwondo, Life Skills, Bully Prevention, and Safety NET Kids.

Songahm Taekwondo – This is the physical curriculum including stances, kicks, blocks, and strikes.  These techniques are organized into patterns of moves called forms for display and the development of memorization and focus.  Practicing these techniques individually or in forms develops coordination, strength, and flexibility.

Life Skills – Each month, we discuss one of nine Life Skills: Courtesy, Attitude, Goals, Respect, Honor, Perseverance, Loyalty, Self-Control, and Integrity.  The instructor leads the students in understanding how these Life Skills are important at home, at school, and at Taekwondo.

The kids are rewarded with stars to display on their Victory-Patch for showing these Life Skills.  Blue stars reward home reports of good behavior and attitude.  Red stars reward regular Taekwondo attendance and participation.  Gold stars reward academic achievement or improvement.  Silver stars reward community service and extracurricular activity.

Bully Prevention – This curriculum teaches kids how to prevent being bullied by teaching them how to Be A Builder (Lesson 1), Make Good Friends & Be A Good Friend (Lesson2), and Walk & Talk With Confidence (Lesson 3).

Safety NET Kids – This curriculum is a step toward the prevention of child abduction and molestation.  It is kid-friendly and is presented in a way that does not scare children.  The kids learn when it’s okay to say no: to strangers, to bribery in an abduction attempt, or to inappropriate touch.  They learn how to be safe when dealing with strangers, playing in the front yard or at the park, staying at home alone, and answering the door or phone.

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